I'm Kate Krosschell.

("Crow - Shell.")

I help podcasts grow through digital marketing.

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Your job is to make an enthralling podcast; mine is to make it land with audiences. With over five years of digital marketing and public media experience, I craft marketing strategies tailored to your target listeners so you can focus on telling a great story.  Whether you're launching a new show or looking to grow, I work with you every step of the way. 



Inbound marketing? Social media engagement? PR and content strategy? Find the digital initiatives that work for your show.  

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Clients run the gamut from independent creators to public media organizations and podcast networks.

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About Kate

Hear how I meandered my way from film school in Copenhagen through analytics at Twitter, to falling in love with podcasts and public media. 

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"Kate brings really fresh ideas at the start of the projects and then pushes me past my first easier sketches to fine tune things just right. It’s such a joy when you 'click' with someone so well."

— Angelynn Grant, graphic designer for AIR

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Peek inside my brain

Digital storytelling is podcasting, but it's also Netflix, Hulu, social media, and blogging. Read on for what's occupying my brain space right now.