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Digital Marketing and Publicity services. Get in touch for rates. 


Audience development

Audience development requires research. Luckily, the first stop for a digital marketing plan is developing “buyer personas.” Podcast listeners fall into these personas, and I know how to find them; in my work at AIR I grew the network 13% and lowered attrition 15% YoY.  I'll work with you to: 

  • Understand your ideal audiences and how to find them. 
  • Implement strategies to reach and retain core listener personas using quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Align listeners with the four steps of the marketing funnel (attract, consider, convert, delight). 
  • Assess branding efforts and develop message mapping.

Social Media, Keywords, and SEO

Not all digital marketing is created equal, but a digital footprint for podcasts is imperative. We'll develop and implement: 

  • Organic & paid social 
  • SEO
  • Blog posts 
  • Email marketing 

Ads, cross-promos & sponsors

Podcast discoverability is still hard, which is why word of mouth is still the most effective way of spreading the news about your show. We'll focus on: 

  • Cross-promotion with like-minded shows 
  • Ad reads 
  • Finding sponsors or underwriting
  • Swag!

Inbound & Content Marketing Strategy

Too many marketers think one platform, or one strategy, can be adapted to any product or service. Wrong! With podcasts, the story and its intended audience dictate the strategy and direction. Together, we'll look at your podcast, its story, and questions like these and more to develop the strategy: 

  • Where do your ideal listeners congregate? What content do they typically consume?   
  • Why must you specifically tell this story? Why does the world need it?
  • What parts of the story can we tease out digitally, and which should be audio-first
  • How do we make the podcast evergreen after the end of the episode run?

metrics, metrics, metrics

If you’re stumped as to how to draw conclusions about your show’s audience behaviors and find yourself asking, Bounce rates? Affinity relationships? Retention rates? What are those?, you’re in luck: 

  • Website & Google analytics 
  • Listener retention
  • Social media analytics
  • Using referral data to discover new markets 

Press and PR 

If you want to launch with a splash, you're going to need a press strategy. I'll help to: 

  • Identify press outlets
  • Pitch journalists
  • Prepare press releases 
  • Identify event opportunities